[rt-users] Right could not be revoked

Malcolm Frazier mfrazier at thoughtconvergence.com
Fri Nov 21 19:54:29 EST 2008


When I discovered this "bug" my original intention was to create a new queue and a new user who would have complete control over the newly created queue, but absolutely no privileges for any of the other queues that already exist. Unfortunately I can not do this because when I create a new user and make them a privileged user right off the bat they become a super user with the ability to delegate rights and do whatever else they wish. To defeat this I tried going to the global group rights and revoking the "DelegateRights" and "SuperUser" rights from the groups "Everyone" and "unprivileged", but when I attempt to modify these I get the error "Right could not be revoked" I am positive the user I am logging in as does have sufficient rights; I believe I have seen this issue on the mailing list archive or some other site, but without resolve. If anyone haves any input that may be of some use I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

Thank you

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