[rt-users] backslash url gives system error

Karl Boyken boyken at divms.uiowa.edu
Tue Nov 25 15:33:08 EST 2008

When a backslash is appended to the url for our RT 3.6.7 site (running 
with Perl 5.10.0), RT tosses a system error, which exposes information 
about where we've installed Perl and RT and their versions.  Is this 
fixed in 3.8.X?  If not, is a fix forthcoming?  Thanks

Here's the error, with paths changed:

System error
error:  	could not find component for initial path '/\' (component roots 
are: '/path_to_rt/local/html', '/path_to_rt/share/html')
207:  	$self->{out_method} = sub { $$bufref .= $_[0] };
208:  	}
209:  	$self->{use_internal_component_caches} =
210:  	$self->{interp}->use_internal_component_caches;
211:  	$self->_initialize;
213:  	return $self;
214:  	}
code stack:  	/path_to_perl/lib/site_perl/5.10.0/HTML/Mason/Request.pm:211
raw error

Karl Boyken

Karl Boyken, system administrator 
karl-boyken at uiowa.edu
303A MLH, Dept. of Comp. Sci. 
The U. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA  52242   319-335-2730 (voice) 
319-335-3668 (fax)
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