[rt-users] Installation problem with RT-3.8.1 and Postgresql 8.1.9

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Nov 28 13:15:01 EST 2008

This suggests that maybe your postgres isn't configured with support for
Password authentication.


On Fri 28.Nov'08 at 15:11:32 +1100, Roland Goecke wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to install RT 3.8.1 with Postgresql 8.1.9 for the database.
> I configured RT with
> ./configure --with-db-type=Pg --with-db-dba=postgres
> then did a 'make testdeps' which returned that all was OK. Next, I did
> a 'make install', again all seemingly OK.
> However, at the step 'make initialize-database' I get the following error:
> [root at WEB rt-3.8.1]# make initialize-database
> /usr/bin/perl sbin/rt-setup-database --action init --dba postgres
> --prompt-for-dba-password
> In order to create or update your RT database, this script needs to
> connect to your  Pg instance on localhost as postgres
> Please specify that user's database password below. If the user has no database
> password, just press return.
> Password:
> Working with:
> Type:   Pg
> Host:   localhost
> Name:   rt3
> User:   rt_user
> DBA:    postgres
> Failed to connect to dbi:Pg:dbname=template1;host=localhost as user
> 'postgres': FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user
> "postgres"make: *** [initialize-database] Error 255
> If I go into Postgresql and have the postgres user info shown, there
> appears to be no password set for this user, yet it seems that the
> authentication fails for an empty password. I don't know the postgres
> user password, if there is one set. I could reset it but there are
> other applications running on this server that use Postgresql and the
> user postgres, so I don't want to blow them away.
> I have searched the mailing list archives for answers and while I can
> see that other people have had problems with RT and Postgresql, I have
> not found an answer to my problem yet. I have also gone through the RT
> book, but didn't find the solution in there either.
> Any ideas? Thx.
> Roland
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