[rt-users] Installation problem with RT-3.8.1 and Postgresql 8.1.9

rt-users at thefreecat.org rt-users at thefreecat.org
Sun Nov 30 09:58:16 EST 2008

>> I am trying to install RT 3.8.1 with Postgresql 8.1.9 for the database.

>> Failed to connect to dbi:Pg:dbname=template1;host=localhost as user
>> 'postgres': FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user
>> "postgres"make: *** [initialize-database] Error 255

 From Debian's rt package :

2. Configure the database access permissions

Ensure that you can access the database server as the rtuser SQL user.

psql -d template1 -U rtuser -W

enter the password at the prompt.

If this fails (it probably will with the default Debian PostgreSQL
installation) then you probably need to change the access permissions
that you have set for your database server.

For PostgreSQL, this can be solved by editing the file
/etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf and adding lines like these:

host    template1   rtuser   password
local   template1   rtuser                                   password
host    rtdb        rtuser   password
local   rtdb        rtuser                                   password

at the bottom of the file along with the other similar lines - but
above existing entries.

(rtdb is whatever you have configured the $DatabaseName variable to be
in the RT_SiteConfig.pm.)

Note that the order of entries in the pg_hba.conf _DOES MATTER_. The
first matching entry will be used and there is no fall through
mechanism if the first one fails. (See section 6.1 of the PostgreSQL
Administrator's manual for full details). The local entries above must
be put above the default local all/all if you want to able to access
the rtdb database as the rtuser from the command line using psql.

Restart the PostgreSQL server and try again with psql. If the database
server is on a different machine from that of the RT instance you will
need to configure these lines yourself.

Note that for PostgreSQL the rt-setup-database script needs permission
to connect to the template1 database as well as the RT
database. Giving permission to connect like this does not give out
actual read/write permission so doing this for the rt user can
generally be considered safe on the local system. Once you have
created and initialised your RT database you should remove the
template1 lines as they will not be needed for any other purpose.


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