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Ken Crocker kfcrocker at lbl.gov
Wed Apr 1 19:13:43 EDT 2009


    Reminders ARE tickets. You will find them in the TICKETS table with 
Type = 'reminder'. All information that is available at the Ticket level 
is there for the reminder (Due Date, Started, Resolved, CreatedBy, 
Status, etc.). However, reminders do NOT go away automatically. If I 
remember correctly (damn. Should have created a reminder for this one, 
;-), you have to disable them from the originating ticket. Even if the 
ticket is resolved, you can go to it and modify it to turn off the 
reminder. A simple SQL would suffice for finding reminders on tickets 
that have been resolved. Hope this helps.


On 4/1/2009 2:29 PM, Tom Lahti wrote:
>> This is probably a silly question but I just wonder if anyone is aware at
>> the database level how I would locate a reminder and it's due date? I have
>> looked about and can't see it for the life of me.
> Better yet... is there an (as yet undocumented) REST URI for
> reading/setting/deleting reminders?
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