[rt-users] RT3.8.x Queue Name in Email Subject

Raed El-Hames rfh at vialtus.com
Thu Apr 2 06:18:05 EDT 2009

Hi ;

I have n't started with 3.8.2 yet but my understanding the Branded Queue 
ext is built in, as far as I remember when I looked at the 3.8.2 demo 
site in the queue form there is Subject Tag?? if there is have you tried 
putting the queue name in there ?? I am guessing this achieves what you 


This email is subject to:




askthelist at gmail.com wrote:
> I just upgraded from 3.6.x to 3.8.2 and I'd like to change the Subject 
> line of the email that is sent out to display the queue name instead 
> of 'rtname'. In RT3.6x i was able to do this ind 
> /lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm like such...
> ...
> sub SetSubjectToken {
>     my $self = shift;
>     #my $tag  = "[$RT::rtname #" . $self->TicketObj->id . "]";
>     my $tag = "[".$self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Name." - Ticket #" 
> .$self->TicketObj->id."]";
> ...
> However in 3.8 it seems that the code here has been modified and I now 
> it looks like I have to change this in /lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm in 
> the AddSubjectTag(), however I cant seem to get this working as 
> expected as my perl oo kung fu just aint what it should be. Can anyone 
> help me out here? Maybe theres an easier way?

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