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Hi markus,
We had a similar problem in the past, not for rt 1 but for RT2 and a brand new system, os. What we did several years ago was, we installed the new system RT3 and then we had all needed perl modules, later we simply copied the rt2 files to the new server and also moved the old db to the new server, rt started up without any problems, try it out in a vm, it is not a big deal!


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Actually the idea of leaving the old system 1 for 1 was. Not carrying out any change at the contents and at the appearance.
But if it cannot be solved differently, of course this is also worth a consideration.

So remain summarizing left:
a.) Use separate virtual machine.
b.) Convert RT to a newer version.
c.) Use an old(er) OS.

These are my possible options, aren't they? No (easy) way to fix the perl problem and correct something on perl or RT? I think the problem is the mysql emulation, isn't it?

Best regards,
Markus Hummel

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On Thu, Apr 02, 2009 at 09:10:16AM +0200, Markus Hummel wrote:
> Hi,
> Many thanks for your fast answer.
> At the moment we are using a RT 1.0.7 installation on an old machine. The OS and the OS configuration are a nightmare.
> Because hardware and RT are very old, our admin decided to move to a new system. The idea: Install a new ticket request system (such as RT or OTRS) on a VMware machine. To keep all the old tickets, we would like to install RT 1 parallel to the new system on the same machine read only.

Why not use the RT upgrade tools to move your RT1 tickets to a newer RT?

> Actually this should not be a great problem. Unfortunately, the Perl module causes problems, however.
> So far everything correct?
> If this should not work so, we would install a second Debian parallel if necessary as suggested. Somebody still sees an alternative to the second machine?
> Best regards,
> Markus Hummel
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> On Wed  1.Apr'09 at 16:37:23 +0200, Markus Hummel wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I have a small problem and hope you can help me.
> > I try to install RT 1.0.7 on a current distribution - I know, crazy
> > request ;)
> Perhaps you could tell us what you're actually trying to accomplish by
> installing RT 1.0. 
> In general, I'd recommend finding a debian distribution from around then
> and running it in vmware, if you really need to run RT 1.0.


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