[rt-users] Hanging Login Page (ModPerl2, HTTPD, Oracle, RHEL5)

Joop van de Wege JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Tue Apr 7 15:45:17 EDT 2009

Charles Kugelman wrote:
> Ken,
> Thanks for the response. The problem in fact presents itself even before 
> we get to that point (the home page). Essentially, it’s the login page 
> where we see the problem. We come in (in the morning, after RT has been 
> sitting all night with no activity) and open our browsers and we’re not 
> presented with the login page, but instead just a white page which 
> proceeds to “load” for 20 minutes before we’re finally prompted for 
> login. As noted, jamming the F5 button several times will “nudge” the 
> login page to appear instantly. CPU util is nearly nothing all the time 
> on this VM, as well.
That might be your problem, together with something you'll probably find 
hard to believe.
Our setup is more or less the same, Oracle XE together with RT-3.8.2 on 
Ubuntu in a VM running on VMware server 1.0x and also using 1Gb of 
memory and that I have found is a breakpoint in performance. Using only 
786Mb of memory will yield a far more responsive system in the morning, 
especially monday morning, than the 1Gb VM. Our test instance is even 
worse then that. Apaches weekly logrotate, cronjob, will cause Apache to 
not restart. A tell tale sign that your VM has gone to 'sleep' is to ssh 
into it. You'll see terrible connection time whereas if you have been 
using the VM a while it will connect in an instant.

Maybe this helps you narrow it down,


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