[rt-users] Move Ticket from Queue A to Queue B by a simple Link or Button

Toby Darling darling at ccdc.cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 9 08:59:04 EDT 2009

Hi Torsten

> Hi RT Gurus, i'm searching for a possible way to easily move a ticket
> from a fixed Queue A to a fixed Queue B without using the "Basics"
> Menu and Dropdown from the normal ticket editing view, i have to move
> tickets with a single click on a link from queue a to queue b where
> both queues are fixed. does anyone know a simple option to
> /Ticket/Modify.html which can used for this?

I did this by modifying html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction, adding

$titlebar_commands .=
   "[<a href=\"" . $DisplayPath . "&Queue=other_queue" .  "\">" .
   loc('Other_Queue') . "</a>]";

after the regular [Reply|Comment] section.


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