[rt-users] One-time CC causing timeouts

James Berwick jim at jamesberwick.com
Fri Apr 10 13:10:34 EDT 2009

Ken Crocker wrote:
> James,
>    This is a longshot, but I have noticed that oftentimes, the more 
> privileges associated with a role, etc. the longer it takes to get 
> search results, especially on the home page. I'm wondering if 
> excessively global privileges granted to the CC is having the same 
> effect on Email? Just a thought.
> Kenn
Possibly, though I don't believe any of our queues (or global 
permissions) grant anything to Ccs, and it seems like if it was related 
it would happen consistently and would not have just started this week 
despite no changes to queues or permissions in months.  I'll check out 
Cc permissions though and see if I can find anything.  Unfortunately it 
isn't "broken" right now and that makes it harder to test if a change 
fixes it :(

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