[rt-users] Manager permissions

Berny Stapleton berny at technology.net.au
Fri Apr 17 14:52:16 EDT 2009

Yes, she can be a pain, but in her defence, something important got
dropped while one of her staff was on holidays and she got chewed for

Hmm, need to remap some fields in LDAP I think....

Thanks for the input,


2009/4/17 Tom Lahti <toml at bitstatement.net>:
>> One of our managers wants to get notified of all tickets and be able
>> to view all tickets logged by her staff against other teams so that
>> she can chase up the other teams when her staff are away.
> Baby-sitting, aka micro-managing.  You gotta love people like that :)
> It would be nice to be able to do a saved search for "Creator in <group>",
> wouldn't it?
> You could re-purpose a field a little bit that is searchable.  Say you set
> the Organization field in the user records for her group to something
> unique, like "<Company name>-<Dept>", then you can make a saved search on
> "Requestor Organization is '<Company name>-<Dept>'" and put that on her
> portal page.
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