[rt-users] newly created ticket does not show in SelfService login

Nick Kartsioukas change+lists.rt at nightwind.net
Wed Apr 22 14:15:11 EDT 2009

On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:05:18 -0400, "GravyFace" <gravyface at gmail.com>
> Have a user that was created automatically when initial ticket was
> created.  Have since, as admin, changed auto-created users' password
> and added some details to the user's profile.  If I login as that
> user, I do not see any tickets in the dashboard -- should I?  As a
> Staff user, I can see the new ticket in the General queue without
> issue so it's being created ok.  There is no owner assigned to the
> ticket; does that matter?  Shouldn't the Requestor see their own
> tickets regardless of status/ownership?

Have you granted ShowTicket rights to Requestor under global group

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