[rt-users] newly created ticket does not show in SelfService login

Nick Kartsioukas change+lists.rt at nightwind.net
Wed Apr 22 14:43:25 EDT 2009

On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:27:44 -0400, "GravyFace" <gravyface at gmail.com>
> That now allows me to see unowned tickets created by my user, but not
> tickets I've created, regardless of who owns it or not.  Perhaps I'm
> not logged into the right place: I just went to the home page and
> logged in as the user.  Is this not the way to get into Self Service?

Ah, I get it now.  No, when you log in with a user who has the "Let this
user be granted rights" box checked, it goes to the standard interface. 
If you append /SelfService/ to the URL, it will take you to the Self
Service interface.  If this is an end user and all you want them to see
is the SelfService interface, uncheck the "Let this user be granted
rights" box, and make sure you set up appropriate permissions for
creating/replying/seeing tickets (such as unprivileged users can create
tickets, requestor can see and reply to ticket...)

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