[rt-users] Auditing ticket accesses

Flynn, Timothy J timothy-flynn at uiowa.edu
Mon Apr 27 14:55:46 EDT 2009

Jesse I think they just want to see for a particular ticket who accessed
it and when.  It would be nice if it was searchable and reportable so
another table does make sense.  But I am not sure how another table
would be accessed from RT.  I also liked the idea of a mutivalue custom
field.  For each user that accessed a ticket it could have 1 entry.


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On Fri 24.Apr'09 at 12:25:35 -0500, Flynn, Timothy J wrote:
> I am looking for a way to record when someone views a ticket and log 
> it somehow.  I know the url accesses are in apache logs.  I am looking

> for something long term that people could easily see when a ticket was

> accessed, by who, and when.  I was thinking about a scrip to do this 
> to record instances to a ticket itself.  Also the RT logfile came to 
> mind but it is full of other messages and errors.  Has anyone done 
> something similar?

I think an on-display callback that wrote to a custom table or custom
logfile would be your best bet. Do you care about accesses to subpages,
ticket search results, CLI usage, or API usage?

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