[rt-users] Query Builder very slow after system update

Adrian Alexandrescu Adrian.Alexandrescu at tdn.de
Tue Apr 28 04:28:45 EDT 2009

Hello all ,

Thanks for your answers .

I have updated our rt3 into  RT 3.8.2 and updated again mysql to 5.0.45  .We have the same problem, this did not resolved our issue .That query is running for a long time, causing the table to lock, web interface of the user who is using the  Search/Build.html page to timeout, and giving other users delays in accessing the tickets .
I have also installed mysqltuner.pl , there are  no issues reported , everything is green .I have also used  mysqlreport  to check running parameters , and there was nothing that could cause an mysql server  performance issue .

Any other ideas ?

PS :  Liviu  (the person who reported first this issue) and I ,we are colleagues working on this case .

Adrian Alexandrescu.

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