[rt-users] Slow loading of long tickets in 3.6.3

Justin Hayes justin.hayes at orbisuk.com
Tue Apr 28 05:34:44 EDT 2009


Some of our tickets can get pretty long and the longer they get the  
longer the page takes to load. So for a long ticket with say 100  
comments/replies and assorted status changes etc it might take 10+  
seconds to render.

A lot of the time seems to be looping over every transaction, checking  
permissions etc etc, I guess maybe to decide whether to display the  
reply/comment options and other things.

Have any improvements been made to the history display code in 3.8? I  
would have thought it was more sensible to check permissions once for  
the ticket and then quickly render all the attachments, but I'm sure  
that's a simplistic view of it.

Any thoughts welcome!


Justin Hayes
Orbis Support Manager
justin.hayes at orbisuk.com

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