[rt-users] Forwarding emails to RT

Nathan Ward rt at daork.net
Wed Apr 29 05:00:10 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have an RT set up that is being used for customers to raise support  
issues in a small business.

Training customers to email my support address (which is tied to RT)  
is a bit of a nightmare, but I still want to get everything in there.

If a customer emails me directly, I can hit the redirect button in my  
mail client (Mail.app) and send the message to RT, with the "From:"  
header intact, so RT knows which user to attribute it to (ie. not me,  
the customer).
However, life would be easier for myself and others if I was able to  
simply forward the email, instead of redirect - not every mail client  
supports a redirect function.

Does anyone have any code written to interpret mail messages that were  
forwarded, and then push the original message in to RT as though it  
was sent directly from a customer?
There is some fairly complex logic needed, ie.:
- How do we know a message should be interpreted as a forwarded  
message, as opposed to a customer forwarding a message to the support  
address once they have learned to do that directly? Do we need a new  
mail alias, ie. rt-fwd at blah?
- How do we interpret the forwarded message, different mail clients  
include the forwarded message and headers differently

Highrise from 37signals seems to do this pretty well, so it can't be  

Nathan Ward

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