[rt-users] More: Error code 1 (RT Install on FreeBSD 8)

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Sat Dec 19 02:48:00 EST 2009

Zach Boettner wrote:
> Two questions:
> Why am I not seeing an rt directory under /usr/local/www/ ? And why is my
> make clean install returning 'Error code 1' errors at the end of the
> following??...

Because your attempt to install hasn't got to anywhere near complete yet. 
Creating the directories the RT installs into is actually one of the last things
that happens in the process.

> ===>    Verifying install for /usr/local/libexec/apache/libperl.so in
> /usr/ports/www/mod_perl
> ===>  mod_perl-1.31_1 : Error from bsd.apache.mk. apache22 is installed (or
> APACHE_PORT is defined) and port requires 1.3.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports/www/mod_perl.
> *** Error code 1

You've apparently said "MODPERL=yes" in the Options dialogue when you have
www/apache22 already installed. That's unfortunately wrong.  You need to say "MODPERL2=yes" and "MODPERL=no" to work with www/apache22.  The mod_perl ports
are specific for the different apache versions.

You can smooth things over somewhat by putting the following snippet into 
/etc/make.conf -- all this does is hint to the ports what your default choices
should be:

WITH_APACHE2=           yes
APACHE_PORT=            www/apache22
WITH_MODPERL2=          yes

However you will still need to re-run 'make config' in /usr/ports/www/rt38 to
correct settings you made previously.



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