[rt-users] RTFM and bulk update

Dallas Wisehaupt dallas at craigslist.org
Thu Dec 24 12:47:30 EST 2009

On Wed, 23 Dec 2009, Kevin Falcone wrote:

> These missing messages are actually a bug whose fix was included in 3.8.7

Cool, we'll look at the update.

> This is most likely because you need to port the code from Update.html
> which stops ticket update on certain conditions (like adding
> attachments).  RTFM even has a callback for stopping creation in
> Create.html

Thanks for pointing this out. I needed to do two things:
   1. Add a unique name='' element to the submit boxes in the
      BeforeMessageBox Element.
   2. Add an or to the unless statement in Bulk.html (line 335) in my
      local version.

Thanks for your help.


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