[rt-users] Anyone know of a few enhancements to RT...

John Arends jarends at illinois.edu
Wed Jul 1 09:37:25 EDT 2009

Gary Greene wrote:
> I've been trying to get Minerva using RT for a bit now, however I've run
> into a few feature requests that my users (read bosses) view as blockers.
> Does anyone know of a plug in that would add an address book feature to the
> BCC and CC fields when posting a ticket? Also, I need to know if there is a
> way to add a drop down to the new ticket creation page to have pre-defined
> subjects? This would allow users to select it in the case of a regularly
> requested ticket. Thanks in advance.
We handled this by creating our own interface for users to submit 
tickets rather than having them use the RT interface. It's more user 
friendly for non-technical staff anyway.

Our form asks the user a bunch of questions and assembles the 
information into a ticket.

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