[rt-users] Anyone know of a few enhancements to RT...

icydee rt-users at iandocherty.com
Wed Jul 1 10:40:56 EDT 2009

This sounds interesting to me. Did you do this as a separate web 
application that communicates (sends the ticket) to RT via the RT REST API?


John Arends wrote:
> Gary Greene wrote:
>> I've been trying to get Minerva using RT for a bit now, however I've run
>> into a few feature requests that my users (read bosses) view as blockers.
>> Does anyone know of a plug in that would add an address book feature to the
>> BCC and CC fields when posting a ticket? Also, I need to know if there is a
>> way to add a drop down to the new ticket creation page to have pre-defined
>> subjects? This would allow users to select it in the case of a regularly
>> requested ticket. Thanks in advance.
> We handled this by creating our own interface for users to submit 
> tickets rather than having them use the RT interface. It's more user 
> friendly for non-technical staff anyway.
> Our form asks the user a bunch of questions and assembles the 
> information into a ticket.
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