[rt-users] WebPath problem

Andrea Perotti aperotti at cutaway.it
Sun Jul 5 10:05:38 EDT 2009

	I'm having some problem after changing the WebPath variable.

I installed an instance of RT 3.6.6 using

Set($WebPath, "/boris");

in RT_SiteConfig of the test env, to try it.

Everything worked as expected and we moved the environment in
production, dumping and restoring the db.

We removed the WebPath definition, since .

Set($WebPath, "");

was already defined in RT_Config.pm .

All the path get the change, except for one: in the home page "RT at a
Glance", in the block "highest priority tickets I own" the Subject field
still has the wrong url.

To fix it, I have to edit it, remove that column from the "Show Columns"
list and them readd it. Doing this procedure fix that.

I did that procedure all for the already existent users but I thought
that the new one will be safe, but Murphy laught at me :| all the new
have the problem too.

I cleaned cache and looked around, but I've learned from my experiments
is that is something in the db that generate the problem.

Now I'm running RT-3.8.2 on debian 4.0 .

Do you have any hint to fix that problem?

Thank you for your attention

Andrea Perotti
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