[rt-users] RT::Links strange behaviour

BJ Blanchard blabj at dainty.ca
Wed Jul 8 10:09:10 EDT 2009

I am using RT::Links to iterate over a tickets links in two places.. one
in Ticket_Local.pm and one in a dhandler.  It works fine within
Ticket_Local.pm but not from within the dhandler.

In Ticket_Local.pm, I'm using:

sub FindLinks {
    my $self = shift;
    my $links = new RT::Links($self->CurrentUser);
    $links = $self->Links('Base');
    my $link=$links->Next();
    if (defined $link) {
  $RT::Logger->info("found a link from Ticket_Local");
   return 1;

In a dhandler I'm using:

    my $ticket = RT::Ticket->new($session{'CurrentUser'} );
    $ticket->Load( $myticketid );
    unless ( $ticket->id ) {
        $RT::Logger->error("Couldn't load ticket #$myticketid");
        return $m->abort( 404 );
    my $links = new RT::Links($session{'CurrentUser'} );
    $links = $ticket->Links('Base');
    my $link = $links->Next();

    if (defined $link) {
    $RT::Logger->info("found a link from dhandler");

I only get "found a link from Ticket_Local" in logs.

Anyone know why?

NOTE:  I know the example doesn't make sense - but its concise. :)


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