[rt-users] reply subject issue

Chip Mefford cpm at well.com
Wed Jul 8 11:17:26 EDT 2009

Been a happy RT user for a few years now, currently running
3.8.1. For these last years, I've only had one active queue
for helpdesk.

I recently had reason to add a second queue for the folks
doing facilities maintainence.

All iz well. But since I now have 2 queues, I was wondering
if there was a way to differentiate them in follow-ups.

Right now, the 'Please include the string [domain.tld #xxxx]
applies to both queues. That's fine, but it would be
nice if instead of domain.tld, I had queue1 or queue2

for the subject line string.

Basically, it's a non issue, but I was wondering if there is
a simple way to implement this.

Thanks kindly in advance;

Chip Mefford
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  carry water
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