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Kevin Gagel gagel at cnc.bc.ca
Wed Jul 8 17:06:54 EDT 2009

I'm not sure what you mean by correct result. But I recently figured out a problem I was having with queues and custom fields. Mine related more to a dashboard's ability to see the custom field. It seems that if the custom field is a queue only field then the dashboard cannot be setup to show a column using that custom field. On the other hand if the custom field is setup as a global field it shows up readily as choice for a column to be picked as displayable in the dashboard.

I've setup my install so that custom fields intended for a queue are only there and ones that should be in all queues are globally setup. Perhaps that is what you need to do...

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Subject: [rt-users] Custom Fields per queue
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We are ramping up our RT install here to provide more expanded services. I 
did the original install (I seem to install this at every job I go to), but 
it is now getting handed off to another manager, and, with my help, we are 
adjusting it to fit a working model that he has built. I've been using RT 
for years (and years.. and years.. and years..), and even encouraged the 
guys here to buy the book (two copies) so as to train them on the inner 
workings of the interface.  
We are now at the point where we want certain custom fields for the 
different queues. We have about 8 different queues that we support and we 
are trying to apply custom fields to different queues. For example, we have 
defined one custom field pull-down called "Priority" with several options 
that we want applied to all of the queues, one custom field called "IT 
Category" with a pull down of several options that we want applied to our 
"Desktop Support" queue, and one custom field called "IDX Category" with a 
pull down of several options that we want applied to our "Applications" 
The web interface seems rather straight forward once you work through it a 
couple of times, but I cannot seem to have the correct end result. Am I 
missing something here?  
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