[rt-users] Viewing user profiles without modification rights?

Carlos Garcia Montoro cgarcia at ific.uv.es
Fri Jul 10 06:34:34 EDT 2009

You don't have to give the "AdminUsers" right. I think it is enough 
givinig the "Global" "ShowConfigTab" right for the users who  can see 
others profile. Giving this right allows them to see the profile of 
others but not to modify them unless you also grant "AdminUser" or any 
other grant. On the other hand, giving this right also allows them to 
see almost any other configuration (but not modifying it unless you give 
additional rights, so be careful).

Take care,

Johnathan Bell wrote:
> I thought there was some way for ticket responders to view the  
> information about the user who requested the ticket, specifically, the  
> user's profile. However, I can't see that anywhere. I know that I can  
> turn on the "AdminUsers" right, but I don't really want to give out  
> the ability to modify a user's profile, just view it. Is this  
> possible? What do I need to do?
> Thanks,
> Johnathan
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