[rt-users] owners and queues

testwreq wreq testwreq at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 08:41:54 EDT 2009

Hello, I am new to the RT system. Can some one please tell me how should I
default an owner to a queue?

All the tickets were coming to the general queue when users submitted
tickets using email to rt at domain.com. I created an email alias
rt-web at domain.com with --queue as web. Now all the emailed tickets get
generated in the web queue. I would like to know how and if, I can default
an owner to this queue?

I wrote a simple scrip that assigns an owner to the web queue. But the
problem is that RT generates a correspondence when the ticket is created
with NOBODY as owner, and then it generates a second correspondence that it
has assigned the ticket. I want to avoid the second communication. For this
reason, I am wondering if there is a way that I can default an owner to a

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