[rt-users] Monthly Tasks

Agnislav Onufrijchuk Agnislav.Onufrijchuk at portaone.com
Tue Jul 14 03:51:03 EDT 2009

rmp dmd wrote:
> I create a new ticket "run scan vulnerability on server X". 
> After running, I will close this
> ticket. On next month, this ticket automatically will be re-opend (or a 
> new one generated).
> I'm thinking of using RT Reminders. I've checked it but the scrips that 
> I saw, use reminders to send open tickets that are due over a period of 
> time.
> Does anyone was able to do this and any scrips that I can check?
I can advise following solution:

1. Create Condition which will check current date and will return 1 in case 
today is day of scanning.
2. Add rt-crontool call with the Condition and appropriate Action to crontab to 
be run daily.

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