[rt-users] Broken tickets display

Luca Villani luca.villani at dada.net
Tue Jul 21 05:31:44 EDT 2009


First, I'm afraid my English is very poor, sorry... :-|

We're experiencing a strange behaviour on both our RT installation: when
someone reply (or comment) to a ticket (both via e-mail or via
webinterface) with a response containing some characters like


(useful in Italian language) then ticket visualization is broken for
this ticket: we can only see workflow until the response, but not
response itself and the following workflow.

All workflow is stored in db, and broken visualization only affect the
ticket with these characters.

If we change these character directly on database, a correct
visualization is restored.

We'd searching on internet, but we find nothing: if your response is
RTFM, pleas tell us what FM we must R... ;-)

Some informations:

- platform is Gentoo Linux for ADM64
- all servers (webservers and database) are fully UTF-8
- webserver is Apache, RDBMS is Mysql Enterprise, MTA is Postix
- RT version is 3.6.7
- RT email input encoding is utf-8 iso-8859-1 us-ascii
- Mysql version is 5.0.46 Enterprise
- Mysql charset is binary
- Apache version is 2.2.9
- Apache default charset is UTF-8

Can someone help us?

Luca Villani     -      Dada.Net S.p.A.

Tel: +39 055 20021517   Mobile: +39 335 8753086
ICQ: 76272621           Skype: luca.villani

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