[rt-users] RT permissions - is it possible to set up exclusions?

Justin Pratt justin at myri.com
Fri Jul 24 11:31:06 EDT 2009

The problem is that I need random users other than the requester to be 
able to reply to a ticket. Our customers have a habit of replying from 
different email addresses. My understanding is that in order for those 
messages to be accepted, I must grant ReplyToTicket to Everyone, and yet 
I have a few users that I do *not* want to reply. Suggestions?


Ken Crocker wrote:
> Justin,
> Don't grant it to everyone. Grant it to groups of Privileged users..
> Kenn
> On 7/23/2009 8:00 AM, Justin Pratt wrote:
>> Is there a way to prevent a particular user from replying to tickets, 
>> despite the ReplyToTicket right being granted to Everyone?
>> Thanks,
>> Justin
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