[rt-users] Trouble adding RTx-Tags-0.14 to RT 3.8.1

Kay Wanous kay.wanous at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 14:53:42 EDT 2009

So, interestingly, when I changed the custom field to be lowercase, then 
  the cloud stopped working, but doing the custom search worked.

   -- Kay

Jerrad Pierce wrote:
>> Looking more in the Apache logs, when adding a tag (even though it says "...
>> added as a value for Tags" in the Result), I'm seeing this:
> That's a scrip error, totally unrelated to RTx::Tags
> (RTx::Tags just happens to be in @INC because you loaded the plug-in)
> Are there any messages in the RT log though? About Googleish or Query?
> Otherwise, there's not much I can do from here. I might be able to get an
> inkling if you were to create a temporary semi-privileged user for me to see...

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