[rt-users] Correspond vs. Comment on resolve

Andrea Perotti aperotti at cutaway.it
Thu Jul 30 14:02:21 EDT 2009

Sean ha scritto:
> On RT 3.8.4, if I put my mouse over the "resolve" link on a ticket, 
> it goes to Update.html?Action=comment<....> How can I change
> that to Action=Correspond  ? Not sure where this lives. I just
> want it to do correspondance by default when someone resolves a ticket vs. comment by default

	edit file

$RT/share/html/Ticket/Elements/Tabs near line 175 to this:

    if ( $can{'ModifyTicket'} ) {
        if ( $Ticket->Status ne 'resolved' ) {
            $actions->{'G'} = {
                path =>

                    . $id,
                title => loc('Resolve')


Andrea Perotti
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