[rt-users] Turn off notify adminccs for one queue (does the HideGlobalScrips extension work in 3.8.4?)

Michael Ellis michael_ellis at umanitoba.ca
Thu Jul 30 14:28:58 EDT 2009

I am receiving a complaint from our generic helpdesk support personnel regarding the volume of email they receive as AdminCCs for the default queue. I would like to disable all AdminCC notification for this one queue, but leave it on for all others. I found an extension that adds this functionality ( http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/pape/rt3screenshots/ ), but it's from 2004. I tried to apply it to a test snapshot, but got errors from the make install (which I thought I had in my clipboard and have now lost :S ).  Does anyone know if it works with RT 3.8.4?

If not, I know that I could set the stage for the three global "Notify AdminCCs" scrips to disabled and then create three new queue specific scrips for every other queue. The first half of that sentence is easy, the second seems like a huge job.  

I thought of two ways around this: 

1. Change the condition for the three "Notify AdminCCs" global scrips to a custom condition and add a check for this queue to it. But I'm not yet clear on where to copy the rest of the code from. 
2. Figure out how to modify the existing action code for "Notify AdminCCs" check for this queue and abort if true. But I'm not sure it advisable/possible to move some of the condition checking to an action.

Method 1 seems more "normal" but method 2 seems like it might be less work, if it's possible.

Advice is welcome; thanks,

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