[rt-users] Adding arbitrary CC email addresses?

Johnathan Bell johnathan.bell at baker.edu
Fri Jul 31 15:18:10 EDT 2009

I think I don't completely understand something about how RT works.  
How can I add a CC to a ticket that's just the raw email address, ie.  
the user doesn't have an account on our server? Any time I try, I  
receive the error message "Could not find or create that user". I  
don't really want to litter our system with a bunch of randomly  
created users - I just want to be able to send correspondance to users  
without them actually having an account. Is that even possible? If  
it's not, then where am I overthinking this? What would be the  
"normal" way of doing things?

Johnathan Bell
Internet System Administrator, Baker College

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