[rt-users] Category no longer shows in ticket

Kenneth Crocker kfcrocker at lbl.gov
Thu Apr 1 15:13:51 EDT 2010

To list,

When we were in 3.6.4, the category for a Custom Field would show in the
"Modify Ticket" screen. This allowed a user to select the *category* from a
drop-down tab and thereby shorten the list of available values to choose
from for that CF.
Now in 3.8.7, that *category* list/drop-down no longer shows. I *did* link
the *category* to another CF and all those values are valid for the *
category*. It just doesn't show up at all when in the "Modify Ticket'
screen. This is not what my users are used to, as we started using the *
category* field in the first place because they didn't want to scroll thru a
bunch of values that didn't apply to their respective groups (the
Is anyone else getting this?

Thanks in advance.

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