[rt-users] RT WYSIWYG issue

Potla, Ashish Bassaliel c_apotla at qualcomm.com
Mon Apr 5 14:59:24 EDT 2010

Jesse - Thanks for the reply - 

I did some debug logging but I do not see anything that is not too obvious - But I did find out something. 
My findings : 

Say I want to update the ticket with "I am going to be late today." It has as many as 6 spaces.

You navigate to the WYSIWYG window by pressing tab repeatedly. Now your cursor is ready and blinking and you THINK you are ready to type in the WYSIWYG (on MS Explorer-7 on XP) . But the problem is you pressed tab one time too many and the actual focus is on Update button.

The focus goes to the Update Ticket button BUT the cursor is still blinking n the WYSIWYG editor giving user the impression that the focus is on the message input window.

At this point if I type in my message which has 6 spaces, quickly enough.. Each space-bar hit is actually a click on the Update Button and the update functionality is carried out. Because my typing is faster than the time it takes to reload the page the 6 space bar hits makes those many updations to the ticket. The updations are as follows :

I am 
I am going
I am going to 
I am going to be
I am going to be late
I am going to be late today. (This is when I consciously click the Update button)

So all in all I see 7 modifications to the ticket :( 

Your thoughts.

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On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 08:26:16PM -0700, Potla, Ashish Bassaliel wrote:
> Hi
> We are seeing some issue when commenting for a ticket in RT system.
> If we use 'tab' key, it send multiple emails (in this case we got almost 30 emails) for the ticket's response to all the members.
> (We are glad, the user didn't used more than 30 words to close this ticket:))

That seems...somewhat impossible. Can you set RT's log level to debug and capture the log while you do this?
(Also, please don't CC rt-users at two different domains. you'll end up creating duplicate messages)

> Is there a fix for this from anyone?
> Thanks in Advance,
> -Ashish

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