[rt-users] Too many tickets in queue?

Torsten Brumm torsten.brumm at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 7 16:49:36 EDT 2010

Hi John,
sounds strange. about how many ticket inside this queue we talk? We have
some queues with more then 30.000 Tickets status new and the users are
easily able to handle this?

Another Question: How does the user settings looks like for searchresults?
Possibly set to unlimit per page? Then the page load can take a fucking long


2010/4/7 John Hascall <john at iastate.edu>

> I received a query from one of our users who
> is seeing tickets backing up in their queue
> because they are not able to handle the volume
> at present and he is wondering if there is a
> point where that volume will adversely impact
> the perforance of RT.  I'm thinking that
> number must be very large, but I'm wondering
> if anyone has any more concrete experience.
> Thanks,
> John
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Torsten Brumm

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