[rt-users] Web reply form show status dropdown for non-privileged users

Raed El-Hames rfh at vialtus.com
Fri Apr 9 11:35:04 EDT 2010


You best option is to edit

and remove
        <td class="label">
        <td class="value">
            <& /Elements/SelectStatus, Name=>"Status", DefaultLabel => 
loc("[_1] (Unchanged)", loc($Ticket->Status)), Default => 
$ARGS{'Status'} || ($Ticket->Status
 eq $DefaultStatus ? undef : $DefaultStatus)&>


Ski Kacoroski wrote:
> Hi,
> When my non-privileged users use the web to add content to a ticket they 
> see a drop down box to change the ticket status.  If they choose this 
> they get a permission error when saving the ticket (good because they 
> should not be able to change the status).  What can I do to stop this 
> box from showing up.  The rights are:
> For their queue: CreateTicket, SeeQueue, ShowTicket
> Globally:
> Everyone: ModifySelf, ReplyToTicket
> Requestor: ShowTicket
> cheers,
> ski

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