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Mon Apr 12 02:53:08 EDT 2010

Dear List,
i need some help or Ideas about Approvals of RT. I have to create a huge workflow with several approvals needed.
i know already, that i can start several approvals within one template, i also know, that this templates can have perl code inside, but i'm not sure at the moment about the best way to create something like this:
Scrip: OnCreate -> CreateTickets -> Template:Approval 
Template should look like this:
if fieldA = xyz {
    Approval 1
    if fieldB = abc {
        Approval 2
    } else if fieldC =123 {
        Approval 3
So i need some logic inside this approvals, my question:
Is this doable inside the template part or is it better to put the logic inside a scrip and fire from the scrip several templates?

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