[rt-users] template emails for custom fields

Raed El-Hames rfh at vialtus.com
Wed Apr 14 11:52:24 EDT 2010


You can include something like:

{my $subq = $Ticket->FirstCustomFieldValue('sub queues')}

In the body of the template; any where you wish 2 lines below the header 



psminusaxl wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I got a template that sends out an email everytime a ticket is 
> created.  It
> works fine as is, it has the company information and standard greeting and
> even the ticket number and subject of the ticket.  Here's the delima 
> though:
> I got a queue, say Support and under support I've created several custom
> fields (sub queues) such as desktop, printers and network.  I can't 
> seem to
> figure out what syntax I should be putting in the template in order 
> for the
> email to send out the custom field information.  i.e: if a ticket is 
> in the
> Support queue and is in the "printers" sub queue, it would send out the
> email to the user with both of those information.
> Any help is appreciated.  Thanks,
> pslminusaxl

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