[rt-users] Installing: "make fixdeps" can't find Calendar::Simple

Andrew Anderson andrewloveskitties at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 19:26:49 EDT 2010

I'm trying to install RT and doing "make fixdeps" has installed all
the necessary CPAN modules, it seems, except for Calendar::Simple

"make fixdeps" gives this output:
  Warning: Cannot install Calendar::Simple, don't know what it is.
  Try the command i /Calendar::Simple/

So I tried doing that in CPAN and it finds these results:
  Module = HTML::Calendar::Simple (STRYTOAST/HTML-Calendar-Simple-0.04.tar.gz)
  Module    Template::Plugin::Calendar::Simple
  2 items found

It seems like the RT Makefile is looking for a module name that
doesn't actually exist??  I've never done anything with Perl/CPAN
before so I don't know how to fix this =)

I am doing this on OpenSuse 11.2


Andrew M. Anderson

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