[rt-users] Queues not showing/updating in QuickCreate box

Carlos Garcia Montoro cgarcia at ific.uv.es
Mon Apr 19 06:21:39 EDT 2010

When a queue is just created, it is not shown sometime. Try to log out 
(perhaps close your browser) and then log in.


Nick Irvine wrote:
> I've just changed the name of the General queue to "Triage", but this is 
> not reflected in the Quick Create box in RT at a Glance, nor in the "New 
> Ticket in [Combo box]" at the top.  Also, I can't select any other 
> Queues in either of these.  If I create a new ticket, it does in fact 
> end up in the Triage Queue.
> Using 3.8 in from Ubuntu Karmic.

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