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Sergio Charpinel Jr. sergiocharpinel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 08:58:09 EDT 2010

Thanks for your answers.

Actually, I wanna change a custom field based in a change of another one.
So, trying what Raed said, I wrote a Custom Condition to verify if it is a
custom condition change.
But I had the same problem.. When I update via Web interface, the Custom
Field is changed twice, in TransactionCreate, and in Transactionbatch the
scrip is not executed.

Any ideas?

2010/4/16 Kenneth Crocker <kfcrocker at lbl.gov>

> Sergio,
> Your scrips have different conditions, so they are completely separate
> transaction. Look at any scrips that are triggered by the status changing to
> "resolved" and see what is happening to the Custom Fields AND check the
> stage to see if it is TransactionBatch. Hope this helps.
> Kenn
> On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 10:12 AM, Sergio Charpinel Jr. <
> sergiocharpinel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yes, that was happening in TransactionCreate.
>> So, I found people with similar problems that solved this using
>> TransactionBatch, because the scrip is executed later. But, when I change
>> status to resolved, the CustomField does not get changed (in
>> TransactionCreate it was twice).
>> I dont know why this is happening.
>> 2010/4/16 Raed El-Hames <rfh at vialtus.com>
>>  Are you creating the ticket from the web interface and that custom field
>>> exist in the form;
>>> Most likely the script is changing it to the value you want, then its
>>> changing again to the value given in the form while processing the form ??
>>> Is that what is happening??
>>> If its , I would suggest you change your scrip condition to Userdefined
>>> and look for Custom Field create or change
>>> something similar to
>>> http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/OnCustomFieldValueChange
>>> Regards;
>>> Roy
>>> Sergio Charpinel Jr. wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm trying to change a CustomField value in OnCreate event.
>>>> I cant use TransactionCreate stage, because when I resolve the ticket
>>>> via Web Interface, it changes again my custom field value to what it was.
>>>> So, I'm trying to use TransactionBatch stage, but the field is not
>>>> changed. And the script is get executed.
>>>> What am I doing wrong??
>>>> Thanks for any help.
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>>>> Sergio Roberto Charpinel Jr.
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