[rt-users] at_123 configure Makefile no good

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Mon Apr 19 11:56:55 EDT 2010

Search for asset tracker4rt inside google!

The you grab lastest!



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This looks like that often seen at the rear of a cow!
The install has "dropdb" in it!
Ummm - a naming problem !
Now - where 1.24b1 downloadable from ?
Still getting horrible make install errors.
I ONLY have the latest RTFM on top of RT387 though.


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Hi, try out the new at 1.24b1 from google code!


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Betreff: [rt-users] at_123 configure Makefile no good

The Asset Tracker 123
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/at-1.2.3
does NOT create a good Makefile.

The prefix is corrupt as I get:-
sudo make
mkdir -p //opt/rt3/local/etc/AssetTracker/
cp etc/AssetTracker/AT_Config.pm //opt/rt3/local/etc/AssetTracker/AT_Config.pm
[ -f //opt/rt3/local/etc/AssetTracker/AT_SiteConfig.pm ] || cp etc/AssetTracker/AT_SiteConfig.pm //opt/rt3/local/etc/AssetTracker/AT_SiteConfig.pm
chgrp rt //opt/rt3/local/etc/AssetTracker/AT_Config.pm
chgrp: rt: Invalid argument
*** Error code 1
Stop in /usr/home/rt_dev/Rt/at-1.2.3.

RT 387 running OK inf FreeBSD_8.

Had a quick look round and changing Makefile to reflect the correct PREFIX, but just makes things worse.



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