[rt-users] at_123 configure Makefile no good

Ian Pellew ipellew at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 20 05:19:34 EDT 2010

The URI http://rt3.fsck.com//Ticket/Display.html?id=12521
in http://code.google.com/p/asset-tracker-4rt/source/browse/at-REST/INSTALL
points to a live RT login !!
I think you are implying a patch for 387 ?

I am in FreeBSD 8 where both configure and the generated Makefile are a long way from.
The 'make install' includes a dropdb, well - drop AT tables - that do not exist, so fails
I create them manually OK, but do I need to populate them, maybe from a config option in the AT menu ?
The at-setup-database action seems to be setting up RT from scratch - so possibly AT is not going to be part of my RT, so I have got it all wrong?

I guess there might also be something to do in RT to get to the AT pages/menus.

I have not played with the likes of configure before, I am more use to the likes of HP/AIX installs, so lack the knowledge of how to tweek for multi platform environments. Configure is prity heavy going, even for the keenest Unixer.


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