[rt-users] easy rights maintenance q

Raed El-Hames rfh at vialtus.com
Tue Apr 20 09:43:04 EDT 2010


Depends what "this un that means"
You can easily give the Super User right to the "Everyone" group :¬) -- 
I am sure you don't want to do that

Rights can be simple it all depends on what you are planning to do. -- 
and for the same reason its difficult for some one to have a generic 
rights formula  that can be published  for everyone to use.

-- And I am not sure how excel can help

Ian Pellew wrote:
> Its quite a formidable task maintaining rights for all the this un that.
> Is there a way that you admin guys maintain this via, say, Excel ?
> Is there some SQL that can do this in the background.
> New to RT, I find this difficult to maintain the whole picture of my small play DBS let alone some large production model.
> Ian.
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