[rt-users] GPG issue on RHEL5 + RT 3.8.7

Jeffrey Fearn jfearn at redhat.com
Thu Apr 22 03:09:07 EDT 2010

Hi, I'm testing the GPG stuff on RHEL5 + RT 3.8.7, mainly for signature 
verification, but I'm getting the following error:

Apr 22 16:53:01 rt-stage RT: logger for 'dude at exampls.com': gpg: error 
reading key: public key not found 

I added the "logger for 'dude at exampls.com':" string just to make sure 
the email was being set properly.

RT_SiteConfig settings:

Set( %GnuPG,
     Enable => 1,
     OutgoingMessagesFormat => 'RFC', # Inline
     AllowEncryptDataInDB   => 0,
     RejectOnMissingPrivateKey => 1,
     RejectOnBadData           => 1,

     'no-permission-warning' => undef,
     homedir => '/usr/share/rt3/gpg',

Set(@Plugins,(qw( RT::Interface::Email::Auth::MailFrom 
RT::Interface::Email::Auth::GnuPG )));

I don't get any other errors from GnuPG, so I'm pretty sure it's all 
configured properly.

I find a public key if I run gpg on the command line:

gpg --no-permission-warning --homedir=/usr/share/rt3/gpg 
--list-public-keys dude at example.com
pub   1024D/684EFF04 2010-01-18
uid                  Dude <dude at example.com>
sub   2048g/FFE5A290 2010-01-18

Any help, much appreciated.

Here is the module list installed.

Perl v5.8.8 under linux
   Apache2::CmdParms v2.000004;
   Apache2::Const v2.000004;
   Apache2::Directive v2.000004;
   Apache2::Log v2.000004;
   Apache2::PerlSections v2.00;
   Apache2::RequestIO v2.000004;
   Apache2::RequestRec v2.000004;
   Apache2::RequestUtil v2.000004;
   Apache2::Response v2.000004;
   Apache2::ServerRec v2.000004;
   Apache2::ServerUtil v2.000004;
   Apache2::Status v4.00;
   Apache::DB v0.14;
   Apache::DProf v0.08;
   Apache::Session v1.86;
   Apache::Session::Generate::MD5 v2.1;
   Apache::Session::Lock::MySQL v1.01;
   Apache::Session::MySQL v1.01;
   Apache::Session::Serialize::Storable v1.01;
   Apache::Session::Store::DBI v1.02;
   Apache::Session::Store::MySQL v1.04;
   APR v0.009000;
   APR::Pool v0.009000;
   APR::Table v0.009000;
   AutoLoader v5.60;
   base v2.07;
   bytes v1.02;
   Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry v0.27;
   Carp v1.04;
   CGI v3.15;
   CGI::Cookie v1.26;
   CGI::Util v1.5;
   Class::Accessor v0.31;
   Class::Accessor::Fast v0.31;
   Class::Container v0.12;
   Class::Data::Inheritable v0.08;
   Class::Inspector v1.21_01;
   Class::ISA v0.33;
   Class::MethodMaker v2.08;
   Class::MethodMaker::Engine v2.08;
   Class::ReturnValue v0.55;
   Class::Struct v0.63;
   Clone v0.27;
   constant v1.05;
   Cwd v3.12;
   Data::Dumper v2.121_08;
   Date::Format v2.22;
   Date::Parse v2.27;
   DateTime v0.4304;
   DateTime::Locale v0.41;
   DateTime::TimeZone v0.7904;
   DateTime::TimeZone::Floating v0.01;
   DateTime::TimeZone::Local v0.01;
   DateTime::TimeZone::OffsetOnly v0.02;
   DateTime::TimeZone::UTC v0.01;
   DBD::mysql v4.008;
   DBI v1.52;
   DBIx::SearchBuilder v1.56;
   DBIx::SearchBuilder::Union v0;
   DBIx::SearchBuilder::Unique v0.01;
   Devel::StackTrace v1.22;
   Devel::StackTraceFrame v1.22;
   Digest::base v1.00;
   Digest::MD5 v2.36;
   DynaLoader v1.05;
   Email::Address v1.889;
   Encode v2.37;
   Encode::Alias v2.12;
   Encode::Config v2.05;
   Encode::Encoding v2.05;
   English v1.02;
   Errno v1.0901;
   Exception::Class v1.26;
   Exception::Class::Base v1.2;
   Exporter v5.58;
   Exporter::Heavy v5.58;
   Fatal v1.03;
   Fcntl v1.05;
   File::Basename v2.74;
   File::Glob v1.05;
   File::Path v1.08;
   File::ShareDir v1.00;
   File::Spec v3.12;
   File::Spec::Unix v1.5;
   File::Temp v0.22;
   FileHandle v2.01;
   GD v2.41;
   GD::Image v2.27;
   GnuPG::Interface v0.33;
   GraphViz v2.03;
   HTML::Element v3.23;
   HTML::Entities v1.35;
   HTML::Formatter v2.04;
   HTML::FormatText v2.04;
   HTML::Mason v1.40;
   HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler v1.69;
   HTML::Mason::Exception v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::Abort v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::Compilation v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::Compilation::IncompatibleCompiler v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::Compiler v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::Decline v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::Params v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::Syntax v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::System v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::TopLevelNotFound v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exception::VirtualMethod v1.1;
   HTML::Mason::Exceptions v1.43;
   HTML::Parser v3.55;
   HTML::Scrubber v0.08;
   HTML::Tagset v3.10;
   HTML::TreeBuilder v3.23;
   I18N::LangTags v0.35;
   I18N::LangTags::Detect v1.03;
   integer v1.00;
   IO v1.22;
   IO::File v1.13;
   IO::Handle v1.25;
   IO::InnerFile v2.110;
   IO::Lines v2.110;
   IO::ScalarArray v2.110;
   IO::Seekable v1.1;
   IO::WrapTie v2.110;
   IPC::Open2 v1.02;
   IPC::Open3 v1.02;
   IPC::Run v0.80;
   List::MoreUtils v0.22;
   List::Util v1.21;
   Locale::Maketext v1.09;
   Locale::Maketext::Fuzzy v0.10;
   Locale::Maketext::Lexicon v0.62;
   Locale::Maketext::Lexicon::Gettext v0.15;
   Log::Dispatch v2.20;
   Log::Dispatch::Base v1.09;
   Log::Dispatch::File v1.22;
   Log::Dispatch::Output v1.26;
   Log::Dispatch::Screen v1.17;
   Log::Dispatch::Syslog v1.18;
   Mail::Address v2.04;
   Mail::Field v2.04;
   Mail::Field::AddrList v2.04;
   Mail::Field::Date v2.04;
   Mail::Field::Generic v2.04;
   Mail::Header v2.04;
   Mail::Internet v2.04;
   Mail::Mailer v2.04;
   Mail::Util v2.04;
   MIME::Base64 v3.07;
   MIME::Body v5.427;
   MIME::Decoder v5.427;
   MIME::Entity v5.427;
   MIME::Field::ContDisp v5.427;
   MIME::Field::ConTraEnc v5.427;
   MIME::Field::ContType v5.427;
   MIME::Field::ParamVal v5.427;
   MIME::Head v5.427;
   MIME::Parser v5.427;
   MIME::QuotedPrint v3.07;
   MIME::Tools v5.427;
   MIME::Words v5.427;
   mod_perl v2.000004;
   mod_perl2 v2.000004;
   ModPerl::Const v2.000004;
   Module::Refresh v0.13;
   Module::Versions::Report v1.06;
   overload v1.04;
   Params::Util v0.25;
   Params::Validate v0.91;
   POSIX v1.09;
   re v0.05;
   Regexp::Common v2.120;
   Regexp::Common::delimited v2.104;
   RT v3.8.7;
   RT::EngOps v0.1;
   RT::Flot v0.6;
   RT::FM v2.4.2;
   RT::Interface::Email v2;
   RT::Interface::Web::Request v0.30;
   RTx::ManageUserTickets v0.3;
   Scalar::Util v1.21;
   SelectSaver v1.01;
   Socket v1.78;
   Storable v2.15;
   strict v1.03;
   Symbol v1.06;
   Sys::Syslog v0.27;
   Text::Template v1.44;
   Text::Wrapper v1.01;
   Time::HiRes v1.9717;
   Time::JulianDay v2003.1125;
   Time::Local v1.11;
   Time::ParseDate v2003.1126;
   Time::Timezone v2003.0211;
   Time::Zone v2.22;
   UNIVERSAL v1.01;
   UNIVERSAL::require v0.11;
   URI v1.35;
   URI::Escape v3.28;
   utf8 v1.06;
   vars v1.01;
   warnings v1.05;
   warnings::register v1.01;
   XSLoader v0.06;

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