[rt-users] Question about using an external SMTP server

Curtis Bruneau curtisb at vianet.ca
Tue Apr 27 15:37:10 EDT 2010

You should be able to set up postfix using the parameter 'relayhost' for 
relaying, you can specify a different port if needed. This would allow 
you to still use the sendmail commands to send. This is assuming you can 
still receive on port 25 for MX deliveries. Otherwise you may have no 
choice but to set it up on your real smtp server.

Chris Hall wrote:
> We're tightly controlling port 25 on our site here, so using the local 
> method for sending email is a no go.  I read something about 
> installing mailgate on the smtp server here, but that has some 
> people... nervous....  My boss seems to think it should be a matter of 
> switching a line or two to set a smarthost to our smtp server to make 
> it work.  So my question is, without dropping additional software or 
> whatnot on the smtp server... how can I use an external server for 
> sending mail?  What's the preferred and correct configuration needed?
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