[rt-users] New to Asset trkr, fails in conf optn

Ian Pellew ipellew at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 28 10:57:46 EDT 2010

I have manually install Asset_Tracker 123 into FreeBSD_8 and RT_387 as the configure/make does not work.
Assets is now loaded and runs to the extent that I can go to the Assets page(s).
It fails with an incorrect URL from the Coniguration menu using user root.
All the "RT Administration" options work correctly from the browser URL "http://f8/Admin" accept the new Assets.
Problem is that the URL in the browser status line is 
This does not exist, whereas http://f8:8001/AssetTracker/Admin/Types/index.html does.

What have I missed, as this does not make sense to me looking at the source to generate the Assets and RTFM menu options.



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