[rt-users] New to Asset trkr, fails in conf optn

Torsten Brumm torsten.brumm at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 28 11:21:00 EDT 2010

OK, you have installed 1.2.3 under 3.8.x Why not the 1.2.4b1/2 ?? This one
is easier to install and works already well under 3.8

2010/4/28 Ian Pellew <ipellew at yahoo.com>

> I have manually install Asset_Tracker 123 into FreeBSD_8 and RT_387 as the
> configure/make does not work.
> Assets is now loaded and runs to the extent that I can go to the Assets
> page(s).
> It fails with an incorrect URL from the Coniguration menu using user root.
> All the "RT Administration" options work correctly from the browser URL "
> http://f8/Admin" accept the new Assets.
> Problem is that the URL in the browser status line is
> http://f8:8001/Admin/AssetTracker/Admin/Types/index.html.
> This does not exist, whereas
> http://f8:8001/AssetTracker/Admin/Types/index.html does.
> What have I missed, as this does not make sense to me looking at the source
> to generate the Assets and RTFM menu options.
> Ian
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Torsten Brumm

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